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SOKENSHA "It's Naturally Good!"

Our Concepts:

(BIMI)= More Delicious !
(TENNENN)= More Natural !
(KENNKO)= More Healthy !
(MUTENKA)= No-MSG,No-Preservatives,No-Artificial Flavor !

Your health comes naturally with good taste.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to offer you and your family wholesome and healthy Natural Foods and Foods without preservatives and additives, bringing you rich in taste and eating delight. We are committed to our tasks and love what we do.

Our Pursuit:

We have been devoting our 35 years history to pursue authentic foods and innovate foods when they were not satisfied with our criteria. We currently supply more than 2,000 items of processed foods, cereals, beverages, confectioneries and health foods. We are proud that we supply a great variety of Natural Foods filled with all nutrients. Also we provide carefully processed foods with those who suffer from Food Allergy.

Preservatives and Additives:

We have been consistently and obstinately excluding preservatives and additives from processing foods over the years.
We exclude artificial taste, artificial flavor, artificial color and synthetic preservatives.


We are dedicated to the manufacturing of Natural Foods in the natural way. We choose our raw materials carefully and use only selected high-quality ones. We process our foods in quality-controlled process and hygiene-controlled facilities. We also respect the traditional way.

Global inquiries:

Our products are widely recognized and favored by young and old throughout Japan. Also we receive overseas inquiries for our unique products.
We are enthusiastic to bring overseas the authentic taste and eating delight of our products. We have supplied our Vegetarian foods not including preservatives to U.S.A. for the past 30 years under the brand name of "Soken"


We would like to request you to discern the prices of our products are affordably higher compared with conventional foods due to selected materials, longer processing time,limited products and shorter shelf life.

Our Products:

Our products are almost available at major department stores, supermarket chains and natural/health foods stores throughout Japan.

Products Line:

Healthy oil, Daily products, Condiments, Noodles, Flours, Cereals, Dried goods, Dried sea vegetables, Beverages, Teas, Confectioneries, Anti-Allergy foods, Nutrition supplements, Toiletries

Hot Products:

Cereal noodles without wheat flour
Organic Kidachi Aloe products

Company Address :

Sokensha Co., Ltd.
2-37-11 Katakura, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, 221-8741, Japan

It is our greatest pleasure to explain to you whatever you would like to know about us and our products.
We supply our products with you, who seek for authentic foods universally recognized. Please contact us !


"Food is Life": Under the company's consistent policy, Sokensha keeps contributing to living and to the society.


Firm name: Sokensha Co.,Ltd
Capital fund: 920,465,000yen
Annual sales: 976 Million Yen (March, 2003)
Objective of business: Wholesale of natural foods and healthy foods, plus incidental business.
Establishment: Foundation , June 1966
Reorganization into a corporation ,Feb.5.1968
Head office: 2-37-11, Katakura, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama 〒221-8741
Tel : 045-491-1441 ( the key number )
Our bank: Yokohama Bank head office
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Higasi-kanagawa branch office
  Mizuho Bank Yokohama-nishiguchi branch office
  Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Yokohama-ekimae branch office
Higashi-Nihon Bank Katakura branch office
President : Yasushi Nakamura
Directors : Hideo Morita,Tsugio Honda,Hideki Kishimoto,
Anri Fukunaga,Kiyoshi Fujikawa
Auditors : Nobuhisa Ooishi,Hiroaki Ujiie,Shoichi Hattori,Kenji Matoba

A short history

June 1966: Foundation of Kanagawa branch for Hausers Food popularizing .The founder, late Takao Nakamura, was saved from his pain of sickness by the improvement of his dietary life. Based on that experience the comrades got together and established the Kanagawa branch of Hauser's food popularizing society, originated under the guidance of Dr. Gayroad Hauser,the dietitian from USA, at the site of present head office, and started spreading and selling activity of its commended foods.
Feb. 1968: Establishment of Soken sha Co.,ltd. with 2,000,000yen of capital fund.
Not only remaining in populating Hauser's Food, but also to spread healthy, natural foods which help to improve dietary life widely, Soken sha Co., Ltd.was established.
Oct. 1971: Setting up a warehouse with low temperature and freezer facility at the head office. Started selling pure vegetable " High-plus margarine" at the same time.
Dec. 1972: Started selling edible vegetable oil " Beni-bana Ichi-ban" with 100% of safflower oil for the first time in Japan.
Jul. 1973: Opening of Osaka business office in Toyonaka city, Osaka pref. Setting up of the second warehouse at the head office.
Feb. 1974 : Opening of residential office at San Francisco in USA, to collect information and for selling activity in the US market.
Dec. 1974: Establishment of Soken Trading Inc., having abolished San Francisco residential office.
Apr. 1975: Opening of Nagoya business office in Nishi-Kasugai county, Aichi pref.
Jan. 1976: Opening of Fukuoka business office in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city. Opening of Okinawa agency in Naha city.
Oct. 1976: Moving of Osaka business office into a new building in Toyonaka city, Osaka pref.
Feb. 1977: Opening of Sapporo business office in Sapporo city.
Mar. 1978. Due to scale expansion, Osaka business office was elevated to branch office as the management foothold for the Western Japan area.
Jan. 1981: Shares being transferred by Sobisha Co, cosmetics sales company, established in Oct. 1976 with 7,000,000 yen of capital fund. Business started as the subsidiary company practically, after additional investment of 3,000,000 ( 3 million ) yen.
Nov.1982: Opening of Western Tokyo business office in Higashi-Yomato city, Tokyo Metropolis.Moving of Nagoya business office into a new building in Nishi-ku, Nagoya city.
Jul. 1983: Moving of Fukuoka business office into a new building in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city.
Aug. 1987: Unified commodity center with Tokyo business office, and moved to Midori-ku, Yokohama City.
Apr. 1989: Dissolution of Soken Trading Inc.
Jun 1989: Moving of Osaka branch office into a new building in Itami City, Hyogo Pref.
Mar. 1991: Sold out the stocks of Sobisha Co.
Sep. 1992: Raised the capital fund to 546,025,000 yen.
Oct. 1992: Moving of Sapporo business office into a new building in Shiraishi-ku, Sapporo City.
Apr. 1994: Started selling the new brand of " Shizen-banzai" or " Cheers to Nature" series for stores in large quantities sale.
Nov. 1994. Registration of stocks at the Japan Securities stock Exchange. Raised the capital fund to 833,665,000 yen.
May 1995: Opening of Tohoku business office in Izumi-ku, Sendai city, and Hirosima business office in Naka-ku, Hirosima City.
Oct. 1996: Opening of directly operated store "Organic Garden" in Konan-ku, Yokohama.
Nov. 1996: Establishment of Factory of Wind and Sunshine Co.,ltd. (100% owned by Sokensha, capital fund 2,000,000yen.)
May. 1997: Moving of Yokohama branch office to Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama.
Dec. 1997: Raised the capital fund to 920,465,000 yen.
Oct. 1998:
Nov. 1998: Opening of directly operated store "Organic Garden" in Koganei City, Tokyo.
Apr. 1999: Opening of directly operated store "Organic Garden" in Konan-ku, Yokohama.
Sep. 1999: Started selling " Beni-bana healthy marine margarine" with the fish oil which included DHA and EPA.
Apr. 1999: Opening of directly operated store for allergy "Happy Friends" in Edogawa-ku,Tokyo.
Sep. 2000: Opening of directly operated store "Organic Garden" in Odawara City, Kanagawa.
Mar. 2001: Moving of Yokohama branch office to Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama.

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